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About Us



We are small, very small in fact but we have a big passion for coffee and the outdoors. Starting up in a middle of a global pandemic seems kinda crazy but it seemed a better time than ever to combine 15 years of coffee knowledge and passion to start a micro roastery.

By being small it means every roast is hands on and personnel. It also means we can be flexible, we're not tied down to big contracts with suppliers so we can swap in different coffee when we feel like. 

The goal for Rate of Rise

Going green.

Let's face it the coffee industry isn't the greenest and we have an aim to reduce our carbon footprint. Right now we operate on a gas roaster which isn't great but gas offers flexibility and is great for roasting. We at least use electric that is green. 

I'm really pleased we have moved to compostable bags for the coffee. These bags offer everything the old non recyclable bags did with a one way valve, that is resealable and has a inner film made from starch that offers a oxygen barrier. This bag will completely break down in about 3-6 months in compastabe conditions.

The next big step would be to swap to an electric roaster, like electric cars coffee roasters have been starting to look at electric options to roast on an electric roaster with energy sourced from green energy would be an amazing step forward. For know the least we can do is offer free delivery by bike within a 3 mile radius of the roastery in Bristol.

The Outdoors

We are just as passionate about the outdoors as we are about coffee and for us the two go hand in hand. Coffee can do wonderful things and there is so much positive things happening all over the world. Farmers and the people in these villages have seen big improvements from the coffee they have sold but there is a bigger issue on our hands which is affecting our planet. We need to take action against global warming before it's too late. That's why a percentage of our profit from all the coffee sold will go to environmental charities with projects near and far from rewilding projects to sustainable causes to help turn the tide on global warming. Sign up to our newsletter where we will be giving updates on what we are supporting.

We are also on the lookout for writers and outdoor enthusiasts to contribute to our 'Outdoor Stoke' Blog page for adventures and stories from the outdoors. We want to build a community around drinking coffee that offers inspiration for more people to enjoy getting out and leading a healthier, happier lifestyle.

So if you have a story get in touch, if we publish it we'll give you some coffee!

Feel free to get in contact at info@rateofrisecoffee.co.uk